‘Stink Pit 4′ Official Trailer

Over the weekend the Stink Pit crew premiered their latest video ‘Stink Pit 4′ in Philadelphia and online via DIG BMX for 48 hours. However,… Read More


Throwbacks: JIB Tape #3

One year ago yesterday, The JIB Tape #3 video was released online in it’s entirety. The video includes riding from Tyler Butler, the Stinkpit crew,… Read More


Eeshond Kirk Photos

The Yea has posted a series of photos of Eeshond Kirk shot recently by Matt Loughead. The photos feature sequences of Eeshond putting some serious… Read More


Dennis Bunn Flickr Update

Dennis Bunn has updated his Flickr with some new photos he recently shot. The update includes photos of Jarret Mayo (pictured above) and some of… Read More

Cameron Girvin - Barspin To Double Peg

2015 ‘Winter Welcome Jam’ Photos

On January 17th, The ‘2015 Winter Welcome Jam’ was held at The Wheel Mill skatepark in Pittsburgh, PA. The event drew a packed house of… Read More


Kevin Vannauker In ‘Chocolate Truck’

DIG BMX has been exclusively uploading sections from the 2013 ‘Chocolate Truck’ full-length DVD. This week Kevin Vannauker’s section from the DVD has been uploaded…. Read More

Skavenger X Atown Trash Promo

Skavenger X Atown Trash Frame Promo

Over the last few weeks some photos and videos have turned up online of the new Skavenger X Atown Trash collaboration frame. Animal Bikes dropped… Read More