Archived Month: April 2012

The Yea, Shredurday

“Today Mclovin’ and I headed out for a casual cruise in Lebanon and ended up with some solid riding.”

Hunter Shughart, One Ramp Edit

Hunter Shughart sent through this self filmed edit of himself riding his driveway quarter pipe, despite there only being one ramp Hunter throws down a… Read More

40z Mixtape #8

“New hotness from Bobert’s cam. I gotta say I’m really stoked on that bar on the storm door, yew! Everyone kills it in this and… Read More

The Slab Edit

“I’ve been wanting to ride this place for a while now, looks so sick.”

Photo Of The Week: Mike Devlin

This week’s “Photo Of The Week” features Mike Devlin with a double to icepick on the Rowan kinker taken by Brandon Squire.

One Day iPhone Edit

Posted is an iPhone edit featuring a day of riding with Mike Swift, Brendon Reith, and Anthony Yock.

George Miller At FDR

Posted are two photo’s of George Miller at FDR taken by Tim Cullen, you can check out the second photo after the jump.

The Yea, Weekend Warriors

“This past weekend Josh and I got to ride, it’s not often we get to ride Saturday and Sunday being he works a different schedule… Read More

South Philly Vinny MTB

South Philly Vinny has not completely moved on from BMX, Vinny still rides his bike from time to time however you’re more likely to catch… Read More