Skavenger X Atown Trash Frame Promo

Over the last few weeks some photos and videos have turned up online of the new Skavenger X Atown Trash collaboration frame. Animal Bikes dropped a promo for the frame on their website today with the news that the frame is now available. The promo features the Atown Trash crew including Knick Smith, Derek Payne, Fateem Williams, McLovin’, Chopper, Dustin Clewell and many more. The Skavenger X Atown Trash frame is available for purchase through the Animal Bikes online store.

Featured Video: Mike Stahl And Rainer Etsweiler And Friends

Posted is a new Grindlab edit featuring Rainer Etsweiler and Mike Stahl. The edit also includes a mix of friends footage featuring Garrett Darr, Kevin Little, Brad Weilich, Jordan Prince and many more. Filmed by Rainer Etsweiler, Mike Stahl, Mike Fede and Josh McElwee.

Throwback: Eric Capone Unused Clips

For this weeks throwback we are taking it back five years and re-posting an edit of Eric Capone composed of unused clips. The edit was put together by Steve Marini who ran the now defunct Innovation BMX Clothing before moving on from BMX. In the years since this edits release Eric has progressed quite a bit and has been featured in a number of magazines and videos. Hit play, get it together and see what’s happening.

2015 ‘Winter Welcome Jam’ Photos

Cameron Girvin - Barspin To Double Peg

On January 17th, The ‘2015 Winter Welcome Jam’ was held at The Wheel Mill skatepark in Pittsburgh, PA. The event drew a packed house of riders from all over the Pennsylvania area and beyond. Murphy Lee Moschetta was on hand to shoot photos from the event which he has uploaded to an album on his Flickr account by clicking here.