The Yea / Dtown Productions Photos


The Yea have two posts full of awesome photos shot recently by Matt Loughead and edited by Matt Smith. The posts include photos of Jarret Mayo, Shilo Staniech, Matt Loughead, Buck Milliken, and Eeshond Kirk. The first set of photos were taken during a trip to North Jersey some of which you might have seen here previously. The second set of photos were taken during a trip to Baltimore.

Photo Of The Week: Marty Moore


This week’s “Photo Of The Week” features a photo of Marty Moore doing a Double to Hangover Toothpick on a kinked rail while Ryan Landman clocks the footage for the next Stinkpit video. Photo by Dennis Bunn.

You can check out more photos taken by Dennis Bunn from this passed weekend with the Stinkpit crew on his Flickr account.

Kevin Little Photos


Kevin Little is a guy who recently popped up on our radar over the last few weeks. You might have seen Kevin in the Wintry Mix that Sam Downs put together for Hothead BMX or maybe from a recent Photo Of The Week on this site featuring Kevin boosting a No Footed Can Can out of the barriers in Philly. If you are not familiar with Kevin’s riding you should check out the links in this article as well as the three photos attached which were shot by Brandon Kaefer.

Don’t forget to follow Kevin on Instagram @kevin4130, Brandon Kaefer @bmfk_r4fb, and Ride 4 Fist Bumps @ride4fistbumps.

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