Throwbacks: Orchid Footwear VX2012

On this day in 2012, the now defunct Orchid Footwear released this mix of VX and mini DV footage. The edit features riding from some of Orchid’s flow riders from around the Pennsylvania area including Dan Conway, Brian Histand, Brendan Reith and Nick Bott with editing by Dan, Nick and Ryan Landman.

Throwbacks: JIB Tape #3

One year ago yesterday, The JIB Tape #3 video was released online in it’s entirety. The video includes riding from Tyler Butler, the Stinkpit crew, Jonathan Schimpf, the Chocolate Truck crew, Pat Schlitzer, Nick Bott and many more. Since the videos initial release online it has also been released section by section on the JIB Vimeo page.

Throwback: Eric Capone Unused Clips

For this weeks throwback we are taking it back five years and re-posting an edit of Eric Capone composed of unused clips. The edit was put together by Steve Marini who ran the now defunct Innovation BMX Clothing before moving on from BMX. In the years since this edits release Eric has progressed quite a bit and has been featured in a number of magazines and videos. Hit play, get it together and see what’s happening.

Throwbacks: Whitehall Session

We haven’t posted a throwback in awhile so here’s one that was originally posted on October 4th, 2012. The Jib, Stinkpit and Chocolate Truck crews all got together and filmed a session at the Whitehall Skatepark. The edit (filmed on three different cameras) consists of riders from all three crews including Matt Miller, Steve Tassone, Nick Bott, Brendon Reith, Dan Conway, Joby Suender, Joe Niranonta, Fran Meehan, Nick Barrett, Eric Capone, Pat Schlitzer, Anthony Yock, Jonathan Schimpf, Ryan Niranonta and Tyler Butler.

Throwbacks: Jim Borio 2011 Edit

Jim Borio has been getting a lot of attention the last few years by locking down sponsorships with Fit Bikes, Merritt, and Almond Footwear but before that Jim was still putting out solid edits on a regular basis. This week we are throwing it back to 2011 when this edit came out with Jim riding everything from garage ramp setups and trails, to street spots and his local park. Filmed by Riley Guerin and Edited by Brad Abrams.

Throwbacks: Jib Tapes One & Two

With the premiere of “Jib: Tape Number Three” going down tomorrow night at Corsa it’s only fitting we throw it back a few years to the release of the first two Jib tapes. “Jib: Tape Number One” was released two years ago and contained footage filmed over the summer of 2011. Featuring riding from Nick Bott, Jonathan Schimpf, Pat Schlitzer, Chris “Fuzz” Ware, Steve Tassone, Joe Kirschenbaum, Joby Suender, and Dan Bob.

Don’t forget to check out the premiere of “Jib: Tape Number Three” or pick up a copy of the video available on DVD here. You can check out “Jib: Tape Number Two” after the jump.

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Throwbacks: Brian Histand Tempered Edit

Since we have been taking donations all week to help aid in the search for Brian Histand we thought it would only be fitting to throw it back two years and take another look at Brian’s Tempered Bikes edit. Filmed and edited by Dave Krone, the edit is packed with smooth riding, big drops, bangers, and a song that fits almost too eerily considering the circumstances of Brian’s disappearance almost one year ago.

Please visit the #FINDHISTAND Big Cartel store and make a small donation to help bring home one of our own. Each donation receives a free sticker(s) with free shipping and all proceeds go towards helping aid the search to find Brian.

Throwbacks: The Yea Mixtape #1

With the release of The Yea’s first full-length video “Fucks Wit It” on the horizon we are throwing it back to 2010 when The Yea released their first mixtape online. The mixtape features riding from Matt Smith, Cody Neiswender, “McLovin”, Ted Marcu, Brett Snell, George Miller, Kyle Evangelista, Otto Ayala and more.

As a bonus we are going to fast forward two years through a series of road trips, fresh faces, and web-edits to 2012 when The Yea released the trailer for “Fuck Wit It”. The trailer features riding from Matt Loughead, Shilo Staniech, Slade Staniech, Sage Mulholland, Matt Smith & Cody Neiswender, “McLovin”. You can check out the trailer for “Fucks Wit It” after the jump.

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Throwbacks: Atown Trash Leftovers

This week we are throwing it back to 2011 when the Atown Trash crew was in the midst of releasing “Still Folded”. This leftovers edit is composed of eight and a half minutes of footage that didn’t make the cut for the DVD. Featuring the usual Atown Trash goons including Knick Smith, Dustin Clewell, Chopper Viands, Sanchez, and Fateem Williams just to name a few.