Featured Video: A Grindlab Christmas

Eric Silver put together this brilliantly done Grindlab Christmas edit. Filmed last week during an after hours session at The Grindlab, the video includes riding from Mike Fede, Jordan Prince, CJ Carroll, Josh Stair, and Cody Neiswender. The crew decked the ramps with lights and even put up a tree. Hit play and get into the holiday spirit.

Hothead BMX – Under The Sun

Sam Downs has just released his latest video project for Hothead BMX titled “Under The Sun”. The video was filmed across New York City, Philadelphia, York and Baltimore. “Under The Sun” includes riding from Kevin Little, Brandon Kaefer, Sam Downs, Colby Richards, Ed Monsta, Dan Mentzer, Rainer Etsweiler, Michael Stahl, Peter Cappello, Austin Beavins, Garrett Darr and Stefan Needham.

Featured Video: TRA Double Cross

On Sunday, October 5th, the TRA Double Cross & Dirt Jump Comp. was held at the TRA backyard compound near Bethlehem, PA. Over the last few weeks, a number of photo galleries, articles and videos have made their way online covering the event.

Above is the latest video from the event filmed and edited by Troy Zeigler for Elevated Visuals. The video also includes additional filming by Tim Coyne and aerial footage provided by Nathanial Bartholomew.

If you would like to see more coverage of the TRA Double Cross & Dirt Jump Comp. please visit the TRA BMX website for a complete listing of media from the event.