Little Devil French Fry Trip

Bonus section from Little Devil’s collectors edition DVD. Matt Beringer, Kris Bennett, Van Homan, John Heaton, and Ali Whitton riding some french spots in 2003.

Filmed by Berengere Chabanis, Derek Adams, Matt Beringer, and Vincent Guedes.
Edited by Ryan Navazio.

Throwbacks: Jim Borio 2011 Edit

Jim Borio has been getting a lot of attention the last few years by locking down sponsorships with Fit Bikes, Merritt, and Almond Footwear but before that Jim was still putting out solid edits on a regular basis. This week we are throwing it back to 2011 when this edit came out with Jim riding everything from garage ramp setups and trails, to street spots and his local park. Filmed by Riley Guerin and Edited by Brad Abrams.

Wintry Mix 2013-2014

Sam Downs has finished and uploaded the Hothead BMX Wintry Mix 2013-2014. Filmed in Eastern Pennsylvania & Western New Jersey by Sam Downs, Carl Espy, Brandon Kaefer, and Kevin Little. The mix includes riding from Sam Downs, Brandon Kaefer, Kevin Little, Carl Espy, Kenden Helm, Will Downs, Adam Hoffman, Colby Richard, Garrett Darr, Evan Smedley, Michael Stahl and Danny Mentzer.