“Slow” Joe R.I.P. Edit

John Mikos has put together some unused footage of his late friend “Slow” Joe along with some words. The footage was filmed over the span of a few years surrounding the release of Status Quo. Joe’s family will be holding a private memorial service that is set for this Sunday and will be closed to the public.

“I met “Slow” Joe through Pat Laughlin when I was helping him film clips for his Status Quo section. After awhile we started riding together and I helped film clips for Status Quo and other projects. I realized after riding with him for a little that he had a serious eye for spots that I would’ve just kept riding passed. He also had a serious bag of tricks for every spot we came across. He was a true innovator in BMX. Like Navaz has said “Joe did the first ever nollie nose manual, pole jam to nose manual, and fakie hanger.” He always strived to pull everything as clean as possible. A couple clips I’ve filmed with him he pulled pretty easily, but kept doing them to pull them cleaner. I’ve had these clips on my hard drive for a couple years. I debated whether or not to use a song with this edit, but I ultimately decided to leave the clips raw and let Joe’s riding speak for itself.
Rest easy, Joe.” – John Mikos

Golden Dawn Mixtape

Over the past couple of months Evan Yoh managed to film some footage of the Chocolate Truck crew around the crew filming for their follow up video ‘Chocolate Truck 2’. Evan put together this mixtape named after a popular diner in the Buck County area. The mixtape includes riding from John Yoh, Herman McCracken, Marc Arnold, Matt Spencer, Nick Barrett, Kevin Vanauker, Joe Niranonta, Ryan Niranonta, Jose Morales, Josh Coverdale, Dave Belcher, Rocky Ventura, Coady Clarhaut and Grant Maddox.

Featured Video: Cameron Girvin Subrosa Edit

Cameron Girvin has just released his new Subrosa edit online. The edit had already been previously filmed by Buck Milliken however, a hard drive crash wiped out the footage and forced Cameron to re-film the edit in a matter of days. Despite the setback Cam manages to comes through with another solid edit full of tech trickery and bangers. Filmed and edited by Roberto Redondo.

The Hosed Jam

On May 29th, Action Wheels Bike Shop hosted their first annual ‘The Hosed Jam’ at the Bethlehem Skateplaza. Despite a bit of a wait here is the official video from the jam which was filmed by Scott Effting and edited by Ted Strohler. The video includes riding from Justin Care, Mike Stahl, Pat Quinn, Dustin Clewell, Chopper Viands, Matt Rivera, Anthony Rastasario, James Kehs, Nilo Hodge, Bumper, Brad Weidlich, Wilfred Alvarez, Danny Andersen, Aj Herrera, Shred, Jarid Solosky, Derek Payne and more.


Pat Quinn has just released the fourth installment in his ‘CrushinEm’ series. Featuring riding from the usual Atown Trash faces including Pat Quinn, Tom Molyneux, Josh stair, Derek Payne, Dustin Clewell, Chopper, Fateem Williams and Knick Smith. The edit is packed with quick cut clips, rugged grinds and even a girl fight. What are you waiting for? Click play.

Jordan Capece – The PA Shred

For those of you unaware of Jordan Capece, this edit should be a pretty good introduction. Jordan is a seventeen year old kid from Pennsylvania that is quickly making a name for himself in the scene. Earlier today, Jordan released this new edit for The PA Shred. The edit consists of street footage filmed by a variety of filmers over the passed few months.

Ride PA BMX – ‘Quaker State’ Trailer

Today, we are pleased to release the trailer for our upcoming web-series ‘Quaker State’. The web-series will include sections from Cameron Girvin, Dustin Clewell & Chopper, Atown Trash, The Yea, 2Dodgy, Ride 4 Fist Bumps, Rail Junkies, Jim Borio and will also include a mix section by Buck Milliken. ‘Quaker State’ is due out late this summer and will premiere right here on Ride PA BMX.

Atown Trash Sticker Promo

The classic Atown Trash ‘Dutch Master’ sticker is back in the streets. Atown Trash dropped a new web promo for the stickers return earlier today featuring Knick Smith, Pat Quinn, Sanchez, Fateem Williams, Dustin Clewell, Josh Stair, McLovin’ and more. Don’t forget to follow the Atown Trash Instagram @atowntrash_official.