Ride PA BMX – Issue #1 (Available Now)

We are proud to announce that Ride PA BMX – Issue #1 is now available through our online store. Issue one is composed of sixty pages of original content spanning the Spring / Summer of 2017 as documented by a variety of contributors and is printed on 5.5” X 8.5” gloss pages in full color. Supplies are limited. A second and final run of the zine will be available in a few weeks and a digital version will be available online free after the second run is sold out. You can read a comprehensive list of the zines content after the jump.

Dedicated in memory of Lorenzo Velazquez.
Rest in Peace.

Dan Conway
Breyon Woods, Bdub
Scott Effting // Action Wheels Bike Shop

On The Move:
Mike Stahl // Mike Guth

Florideah Swampfest
NextGen Jam
Third Annual Hosed Jam
Berks X Alive Industries Jam

Photo Galleries:
Chris Marshall
Matt Loughead & Shilo Staniech

Additional Photos & Spreads:
Evan Smedley
Kevin Vannauker
Justin Care

GrindWorks BMX Street Lite Pegs
“Sorry For Partying!” Exclusive Online Viewing (Link & Password)
The Yea Ledge Dressing

Josh McElwee
Chris Marshall
Brendan Mulrooney
Murphy Lee Moschetta
Nilo Hodge
Frank Ashbridge
Sean Morr
Ryan Navazio
Matt Loughead
Shilo Staniech
Derrick Riggs

Art Direction / Editing: Matt Smith / Mike Purcell