Ride PA BMX – Issue #1

To coincide with National BMX Day, we are proud to announce the official launch of our new zine. Ride PA BMX Issue #1 will be available in mid to late August and spans the Spring / Summer of 2017. The zine is 5.5″ x 8.5″, printed in full color on gloss paper and features over 60 pages of original content from the Pennsylvania BMX scene. A digital release of the zine will also be available for free once copies of the zine have sold out.

Special thanks to all the photographers, riders, writers and Matt Smith. You can check out a complete list of the zines contents after the jump.

Dan Conway
Breyon Woods, Bdub
Scott Effting // Action Wheels Bike Shop

On The Move:
Mike Stahl // Mike Guth

Florideah Swampfest
NextGen Jam
Third Annual Hosed Jam
Berks X Alive Industries Jam

Photo Galleries:
Chris Marshall
Matt Loughead & Shilo Staniech

Additional Photos & Spreads:
Evan Smedley
Kevin Vannauker
Justin Care

GrindWorks BMX Street Lite Pegs
“Sorry For Partying!” Exclusive Online Viewing (Link & Password)
The Yea Ledge Dressing

Josh McElwee
Chris Marshall
Brendan Mulrooney
Murphy Lee Moschetta
Nilo Hodge
Frank Ashbridge
Sean Morr
Ryan Navazio
Matt Loughead
Shilo Staniech
Derrick Riggs

Art Direction / Editing: Matt Smith / Mike Purcell