Top 12 Videos Of 2017

Jeff Purdy – Rail Hop during the final Street Series.
Photo: Kyle Diplla

With only a few days remaining in 2017, it’s time once again for our annual year end list of the top videos from the past year. Take a look back with us at some of the videos that we felt made the strongest impression on our viewers and the scene as a whole. The list is in no particular order and is not based off of any web statistics or analytics. Simply put, there are no winners or losers. With that in mind, we invite you to sit back, re-watch and enjoy.

1. JIB: Tape #4

“Jib: Tape #4” premiered on January 20th, in a warehouse in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. An online premiere of the video followed two months later in March through the Ride BMX website. The video was filmed over the coarse of three years by Jonathan Schimpf and includes full sections from Pat Schlitzer, Nick Bott, Jon Schimpf, Steve Tassone, and Joby Suender along with sections from Chocolate Truck, Stink Pit, and A-Town Trash. Jon Schimpf has also uploaded each individual section from the video on the Jib Vimeo account which you can view by clicking here.